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Growthdeck provides tax-efficient and growth investment opportunities to an expanding network of sophisticated private investors, partners and introducers. We carry out professional due diligence, provide ongoing and extensive business support and develop a close relationship with our investors. We also regularly host networking events that help connect growth businesses with sophisticated investors from across the world.

Access quality opportunities

Growthdeck attracts a wide range of growth businesses looking to raise money. But only the best will make it through our stringent due diligence process before being presented to the investor network. Our investment team has decades of combined experience in private equity (with the likes of 3i, Hotbed and Rockpool Investments). Growthdeck also retains a panel of high profile sector experts who provide unrivalled experience in assessing the quality of potential opportunities. They also provide hands-on support to our investee businesses throughout the lifetime of our involvement - from raise through to exit.


I invest through Growthdeck because I like the team’s professional approach to investing, and particularly the level and efficiency of the investor support.

Neil Reynolds, Growthdeck investor

Invest with Growthdeck

As a registered investor, you can invest from £5,000 into any of our available opportunities.

We differ to many other investment platforms in that we don't require your funds to be deposited with us until a fundraise completes. This ensures that your money is not tied up unnecessarily. As a registered investor, you can reserve an investment allocation as soon as an opportunity is made visible to you.

Step three

Complete investment

Transfer your funds on completion of the fundraise


Growthdeck’s personal contact and their rigorous approach to due diligence and reporting provides me with a unique and accessible way to build up my investment portfolio.

Mike Molesworth, Growthdeck investor & sector expert

We are focused on providing attractive tax-efficient and growth investment opportunities across a wide range of industries, supported by our network of sector experts.